Absolutely! And often more so than many other payment methods! Our payment gateway is PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider (the highest level). They are developed with the same demands on security and performance as web sites used for banking services and share trading. Your account login, personal details, and all money transactions are secured using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology with high security 256 bit encryption. Your sensitive financial information (like credit/debit card details) is never sent to BoldMarket! So you can send money without sending your financial information! So you don't need to worry about paying people you don't know. They make use of 3D Secure to further enhance the security of credit card transactions on the Payment Gateway.
Yes, our secure payment gateway which is a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider makes use of 3D Secure for credit card transactions. PASA has mandated that 3D Secure is implemented on all online credit card transactions (known as CNP or card not present), as of February 28, 2014.
All Prices include Shipping and Handling Charges for standard shipping. We know that International orders may also be subject to additional duties and taxes, be aware that these fees are included in the prices listed on our website, so YES we are responsible for covering them. The only additional shipping charge comes when you select the Priority Shipping option. The amount to be added will be clearly shown on the checkout page when you select the shipping method.
Please send a refund request to care@boldmarket.co.za
Visa or MasterCard branded cheque cards can be used to buy on Boldmarket, as well as normal debit cards (Visa Electron and Maestro) using the debit card payment option. However, debit card is a bad term as it means different things in different countries and only certain types of “debit cards” can be used online anywhere in the world.
No, under normal operation, you don't need to send proof of payment to either of us. Payment Gateway's system confirms that the funds have actually been received so there is normally no need for an email or a fax from the bank as further confirmation. If an error occurs during payment, however, Payment Gateway may ask you to send them proof of payment. This could happen if you perhaps made use of the incorrect reference when paying or if there is a delay in the payment reaching Payment Gateway from the bank. In such cases, the Payment Gateway needs to review the proof of payment to resolve the matter as promptly as possible.
In short, very safe! Security is one of our Payment Gateway's top priorities. They are a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider so you can be assured of peace of mind with our top notch security. With regards to bank details specifically, you are not required to give the Payment Gateway your banking details unless you need to receive an EFT refund. Most users who pay for things online will probably never need to furnish their bank details.
Be sure to check the tracking number. The estimated delivery date can change as your package is shipped. Your package may not have delivered yet. If the tracking shows that the package will be returned to Boldmarket for any reason, a refund will be issued after it has been received. If the tracking number shows that your package has been delivered and you have not received it, check with the people around you to see if they may have accepted the package on your behalf, such as: Neighbors, Roommates, Front Office, Mailing Center etc. If you ordered multiple items, it’s possible that the items were shipped separately. In that case, you will receive a different tracking number for each package. One package may arrive before the other. You can confirm the tracking numbers through the Order Status page in your dashboard. If you have confirmed the above and still cannot locate all or part of your order, please contact Customer Care (care@boldmarket.co.za) with your order confirmation number and the tracking number(s).
Please visit https://www.yoco.com/za/contact/ to get in touch with our payment gateway representatives.
A chargeback, otherwise known as a payment dispute, is a claim that gets created when a customer asks their bank/card issuer to reverse a charge. Chargebacks are an effective tool for cardholders to dispute any transaction that they are unhappy with. There are many reasons why a legitimate chargeback can occur, the most common being: -The cardholder does not recognise the transaction -Duplication of a transaction/payment -Processing error -Goods or services not delivered -Defective goods -Refund not processed -Fraudulent use of the card
Here's how it works: When a chargeback is raised by you the cardholder, Yoco’s acquiring bank (the bank that receives all of Yoco’s merchant payments) will inform Yoco of these chargebacks and the reason. Yoco will then contact us via email with the details of the claim, and request info related to the chargeback claim. We have 3 working days to provide Yoco with the required documentation to resolve the chargeback claim. Yoco then submit the supporting documentation to their acquiring bank. If the bank decides that the information we have provided is adequate, the chargeback can be won in our favour. However, if the information provided is not adequate, or we don't provide what Yoco requested, Yoco will have to accept the chargeback. If the chargeback is accepted, we will be liable for the value of the chargeback claim.

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